explosion suppression for
all kinds of vehicles for civil,
business & military use.
An anti explosion product and fire retarding
system for all car fuel-tanks in the mass production,
as well as for military use.

eXess is put into the fuel tank of vehicles and
convinces with the following extraordinary benefits:

+ explosion prevention
+ increased security for crashes
+ no electrostatic charge
+ no flashback
+ stabilized transport
+ reduction of VOC emissions

In a project called 'Aerosafe', it was successfully
tested that by filling eXess into the tanks of planes
and helicopters, the risk for explosion in case of
accidents can drastically be reduced.

A remarkable product that succeeds with its
state-of-the-art features improving a whole
aircraft industry, on civil and military basis.


increase of safety for whole
aircraft industry.


eXess in dome/service shafts.
Outstanding benefits.
Petrol vapours are heavier than air, so they collect in
dome shafts, mix with the air and form an explosive

By the use of eXess in dome/service shafts, the risk of
an explosion on a fuel station is drastically reduced
and compared to other filling material, better,
cheaper and environment-friendly.

It is non-flammable, easy to install and to remove for
maintenance works, clean and not corrosive.
eXess has already found a large acceptance in the
public and private gas stations worldwide.

Despite high-quality catch basins existing on the market for the storage of oil, in case of fire, the complete asset of a company is lost and causes
high follow-up costs. With eXess your catch basin will be turned into a safety catch basin.

eXess distributes the heat with high speed which
is burning down slowly to a minimum and therefore the sufficient temperature and pressure cannot be reached, resulting in almost no production of smoke, no danger of suffocation and potential fatalities;
a fire that can be kept under control and that is easy to extinguish.


safety oil
catch basin.


Revolutionary technology.
Remarkable properties.
eXess SFRE in combination with an fire extinguish foam system is the world‘s newest, most advanced and effective response to fuel tank explosions and fires. The current customary industry response time to a storage fuel tank fire is fifteen minutes or more; after 8 minutes a fuel storage tank fire is out of control and the asset is lost.

The revolutionary eXess Floating Roof Solution
is the first and only system in the world capable of extinguishing burning fuel storage tanks in three to six minutes by stopping the flames, reducing temperature and energy, and preventing an explosion.

Not only the risk of collision with other road users
but also the sloshing combined with high speed, bad maintenance of rails and vehicle as well as human failures are the root cause of most of the petrochemical and gasoline transport accidents. In case of collision or crash, a fire occurs immediately, mostly resulting in an explosion, generating huge flames, heavy smoke and high heat that hinders the fire brigade to extinguish the fire. There will be damage to buildings, people and the environment.

Additional to its outstanding explosion suppression properties, eXess also strongly reduces the slosh effect, making road transport of flammable liquids much more safe.


Gasoline and
petrochemical transport
by rail or road

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