313b 200h Cylinder 01
313b 200h MMCB Bag 01
313b 200h eXess roll
eXess products - simple but proven reliable solutons

Our products are used worldwide, both in privat and industrial applications.

eXess is available in form of rolls, cylinders and mattress, just as you need.

eXess products are installed inside canisters, jerrycans, tanks and other storage vessels where explosive mixtures can be found (ATEX Zone 0 and ATEX Zone 1) thus preventing an explosion to occur.

Product Overview

  • eXess cylinders in bags
    To be used at petrol stations to protect manholes and dispensers. >>
  • eXess cylinders as bulk ware
    To be used in jerrycans and other vessel, mostly for retrofitting. >>
  • eXess safety rolls
    To be used in the oil industry to protect from explosion in floating roofs tanks or from surface fire in open roof tanks. >>
  • eXess rolls
    To be used in the oil industry (storage or maintenance) to protect barrels from explosions during storage or welding. >>
  • eXess cylinders (bulk ware) for LPG
    To be used to fill LPG gas cylinders in production or retrofitting.

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