Fuxs explosion-anwendung 02
313b 200h gasoline tanker fire 02
313b 200h Tankstelle in Feuer
Explosion prevention is good but explosion suppression is better !

In our global business environment, we have to daily face growing challenges and increasing safety regulations.

With eXess products, we provide you simple but extremely reliable solutions for various applications.

And the best is: it can mostly be retrofitted !
eXess products are used as follow:

  • to eliminate risks of explosion during handling, transportation and distribution of flammable liquids
  • to significantly reduce fire and smoke by surface fire, making fire fighters job much easier
  • to protect your storage tanks against surface fire
  • to save human lives, asset and protect the environment
Trust in eXess when protecting:

  • Storage tanks in the oil industry ("floating roof tanks")
  • Petrol stations (manholes, pits)
  • Fuel tanker (rail and road), small aircraft, boats
  • Petrochemical plants (Barrels storage)
  • Military Equipment (Vehicles, field fuel storage)
  • Semi armored vehicles
  • Canisters, jerrycans
  • and a lot of more...